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J.W. Cross & Sons have been in the earthmoving and plant hire business in the Bunbury region of Western Australia since 1968. The company is a family partnership of 4 brothers & their wifes. All 4 Cross brothers are active in the day to day running of the business and together have vast experience in the industry. The company has over recent years been divided into a number of enterprises.

J.W. Cross & Sons - Picton Division

J.W. Cross & Sons specialises in civil earthworks, wet & dry plant hire, demolition and  asbestos removal. We provide services to a wide range of clientele; from individuals and small business to large scale industry and mining projects. Our customer focused staff can cater for individual requirements giving a high quality of service and workmanship.

With our large diverse fleet of quality machinery we are able to provide for a great variety of tasks to all of our customers. These include such work as: site preparations, demolitions, drainage, asbestos removal, trenching, hard stand consruction, pathways, constrution & hot mixing carparks and roads, dam building or cleaning, house pads, gravel, hotmix or limestone driveways, test hole diggng, delivery of materials, enviromental rehabilitation and work to individual specifications or scope of works.

Health & Safety

J.W. Cross & Sons maintain a high level of safety standards in our work places. This is important as much of our work is carried out in areas where high standards of accreditation are required, like minesites.

All our plant operators are accredited with national operator certificates of competency and white cards. All employees are screened and we have an ongoing training program. We actively support a policy of zero harm in the workplace.

Enviromental Responsibility

We understand the effects our work may have on the enviroment and we take every precaution to make certain our employees work within legislative guidelines. We endevour to minimise all enviromental impact on our work sites.

The company is always looking at ways to recycle materials and to use these when appropriate. One area of recycling is our crushed concrete product and recycled screened sand.

Associated Companies

Peel Resource Recovery Pty Ltd

Peel Resource Recovery has a transfer station located in Munday Ave, on Pinjarra Industrial Estate. The transfer station has been open since July 2011. Waste from the Peel District is dropped, then sorted, recycled and transferred to our Australind land fill site. Included within PRR is Cross Resource Management.

Cross Resource Management

Cross Resource Management operates a land fill site, which includes a range of operations such as: sand quarrying, inert waste backfilling, acid sulphate soil remediation plus sand, concrete and brick recycling. The site is being progressively rehabilitated and landscaped. 

Both the transfer station in Pinjarra & the landfill site in Australind specialise in recycling a high percentage of the waste accepted in an enviromentally friendly manner. The recycled products such as crushed concrete & fill sand are reused in the local enviroment, therefore minimising landfill usage.

J.W. Cross Maintenance Pty Ltd

JW Cross has a long term maintenance contract with BHP's Worsley Alumina site in Collie, with the ability to work with any other on-site contractor.

Picton Civil Pty Ltd 

Picton Civil was part of the E & G Expansion Project at the Worsley Alumina Site. Picton Civil is now involved in general & construction camp site works, road works and work on the new power house at the BHP Billiton site.

Social Responsibility 

All the owners of the business’s reside in and around the Bunbury area and are therefore aware and concerned with local issues. 

Some of the local projects and organisations that JW Cross & Sons have contributed to are: 


Also there is involvement with other local businesses such as: 

  • and the EATON TAVERN