Excavation Contractors

 & Asbestos Removal


JW Cross has the necessary skills and accreditations to remove asbestos, demolish residential and commercial buildings.
We hold a class 2 demolition licence and can deal with a wide range of work including:

  • Removal of asbestos from sheds and garages
  • Removal of asbestos from houses, schools and commercial buildings
  • Demolition of houses, garages and sheds
  • Demolition of commercial buildings and school buildings
We work quickly, efficiently and with high safety standards. All asbestos is removed
in line with Australian Standards and Worksafe procedures. 

Demolition permits and disconnection of services can be arranged with local councils
and utility providers. Removal of vegitation, septics and leach drains can be included in demolition works. Backfil sand and housepads can also be quoted.  

All sites are left clean and all care is taken in regard to fencing and surrounding

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