Our experienced teams specialise in:

Rail Services

  • Re-sleepering and reballasting of rail lines
  • Provision of Protection Officer service
  • Provision of quality track workers
  • Track geometry maintenance including ballast tamping
  • Drainage
  • Machinery hire, general and specialised
  • Rail corridor maintenance (roadway maintenance, vegetation control and drainage management)
  • Switch/track lubrication duties

Includes provisioning of qualified personnel including track workers and Protection Officer services


  • Protection Officer service for the Rail section of the Wellington Dam to Alumina Refinery Pipeline Project
  • Major re-sleepering and re-ballasting works at Bunbury Inner Harbour, completed under full rail traffic management
  • Installation of manual derailer at Bunbury Inner Harbour
  • Construction of track access platforms
  • Ongoing vegetation control in rail corridors
  • Asbestos removal within rail corridor
  • Specialised track specific labour and plant hire
  • Timely and rapid response to repairs for small to medium jobs in WA’s South West

J W Cross Maintenance’s experience and capability extends to the range of works required to carry out maintenance and construction works for rail projects.

We have invested in the people and capabilities needed to bring our clients the expertise required to manage these projects from beginning-to-end.

As part of this, safety is of critical importance, we ensure all rail projects maintain a high standard of safety and reliability. We endeavour to get the work done quickly and in a safe environment.